Trusted Worldwide

In Europe the Romatic speed control systems meet the requirements of BSAU217 Part 1a and EEC Directive e11 92/24. On a global basis they also have internationally recognised approvals that meet the legal requirements of over 40 other countries, and more approvals are pending.

Autokontrol has assisted 7 countries to implement speed control legislation. Product features that help to monitor compliance include the tamper-proof control unit and an electronic lighting system that shows when the unit is operational.

The DbW and System 80 speed controls are approved by the UK Ministry of Defence. A number of major companies and manufacturers fit and recommend our products.

The following table shows, on a country-by-country basis, where legislation exists and where Autokontrol sells its products.

Worldwide Sales and Distributor Network

Country Speed control legislation exists? (Y/N) Autokontrol sells/sold products to this country? (Y/N) Autokontrol has a National Distributor in this country? (Y/N)
Australia Yes Yes No
Austria Yes No No
Azerbaijan No Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes No
Botswana No Yes No
Bulgaria No Yes Yes
Canada No Yes No
Cyprus Yes Yes No
Czech Republic No No Yes
Denmark Yes Yes No
Egypt Yes Yes Yes
Estonia Yes Yes Yes
Finland Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes No
Gabon No Yes Yes
Germany Yes No No
Georgia No Yes Yes
Greece Yes Yes No
Hong Kong Yes Yes No
India Yes Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes No
Jamaica No Yes No
Jordan No Yes Yes
Kazakhstan No Yes Yes
Kenya Yes Yes Yes
S Korea No Yes No
Kuwait No Yes Yes
Latvia No Yes Yes
Lebanon No Yes No
Liberia No Yes No
Libya Yes Yes No
Lithuania No No Yes
Luxembourg No Yes Yes
Malaysia No Yes No
Malta Yes Yes No
Mauritius Yes Yes Yes
Mexico No Yes No
Moldova No Yes Yes
Morocco Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes No
New Zealand No Yes No
Nigeria No Yes No
Oman No Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes No
Qatar No Yes No
Romania Yes Yes Yes
Russia No Yes Yes
Sarawak No Yes No
Saudi Arabia No Yes Yes
Singapore Yes Yes No
Slovakia No No Yes
Slovenia No No Yes
South Africa No Yes No
Spain Yes Yes Yes
Sudan No Yes No
Sweden Yes No No
Tanzania Yes Yes No
Turkey No Yes Yes
UAE Yes Yes Yes
Uganda No Yes Yes
UK Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine No Yes Yes
USA No Yes Yes & Autokontrol Inc.

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