A further addition to the Autokontrol portfolio is the “High Idle Unit” developed at the request of customers for vehicles, predominantly under 7.5 Tonnes, fitted with winches and PTO units.  The requirement is for a product able to control the vehicles RPM when these additional devices are in use and the “High Idle Unit”, does exactly that.

The way the system works is simple, on applying the handbrake and activating the PTO switch the “High Idle Unit” uplifts the revs to the customer’s specification normally between 1000 x 1400rpm.  When the PTO is switched off, it automatically reverts to the normal tick-over.

The key element being, that by keeping the revs constant, loss of power and over revving becomes a thing of the past.

Councils and companies, particularly in winter conditions, when winches and PTO units are in much more frequent use would certainly benefit from the installation of the High Idle Unit.  The ability to stabilise the vehicles revs when the stress on the power supply is extreme, would greatly reduce the possibility of vehicle damage or failure.

Autokontrol providing what the customer wants, at affordable prices.