2020 arrives

Here at Autokontrol HQ we are beavering away with some very exciting new products that will make life easier for us….. watch this space!!

Feb 2020, we are all working hard on some really good overseas projects that include built in cruise cancel and if required a GPS tracker can be fitted that will give our customer a fantastic product.

March 2020, first off’s of our latest speed limiter have been on test for a couple of months, they are performing as expected which is brilliant news.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we are still working all be it a Skeleton staff on site. #stay safe

April 2020, we are now in the transitional period of changing to SMT products, all samples work as expected.

May 2020, trials are still continuing on SMT products which work perfect, we are starting to manufacture in greater volume.

June 2020, Full trials are now completed on our initial SMT products, more to follow as we go through our range.

July 2020, this month see the launch of GeoMultispeed which has been on trial for a significant few months on a few staff vehicles.

Feb 2021, we are back and this month sees Autokontrol move under the Scorpion Automotive umberella, not much will change for a while but we will keep updating this page.