If you like the idea of reducing vehicle maintenance costs and extending the life of chassis components at the same time, then consider specifying automatic lubrication on your next new vehicle order, or install systems to your existing units.

There are 3 main reasons for installing chassis lubrication:

  1. Protection

Fresh grease is automatically being fed to the various bearings, which not only minimises normal wear but protects against road contamination, e.g. salt, sand, etc.

  1. Reliability

An accurate amount of lubrication can be metered to individual bearings on the vehicle at regular intervals.  This process takes place while the vehicle is on the move.  Most engineers would agree that this is the best time to lubricate as the bearings are not at rest and grease can flow around the component which is not possible when they are greased under normal workshop conditions.

  1. Greater Productivity

This is perhaps the most important reason for installing automatic chassis lubrication.  The function is less expensive and more thorough than a mechanic, especially when you take into account the cost of the vehicle as against the cost of the system fitted.  As a result less time is needed for preventative maintenance.  Take, for example, a vehicle without chassis lubrication which has to come off the road due to worn shackle pin, king pin, trunnion bearing, etc.  Repair would involve:

  1. a) Labour
  2. b) Overheads
  3. c) New Parts
  4. d) Vehicle Down Time (this alone can equal the cost of installing a chassis lubrication system).

The costs thus incurred on this one occasion will more than equal the initial cost of installing a chassis lubrication system.

In Conclusion

With the ever-increasing running and maintenance costs of these expensive vehicles it is essential that your vehicle operation remains profitable.

This we feel can be achieved by the reduction in off the road time due to bearing failure, or less time spent on preventative maintenance, therefore giving each of your vehicles a greater earning capacity.  It is our opinion that chassis lubrication alongside a set maintenance procedure is a necessity and not a luxury especially today when more vehicles are travelling abroad where reduced maintenance facilities are available.

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