Did you know that?

  • Fuel savings of up to 25% are achieved by reducing the top speed or by controlling the rate of acceleration of the vehicle (top speed or rev control)
  • Increasing speed from 40-60mph results in a 34% increase in fuel consumption
  • (Proven test figures as achieved by an articulated vehicle (32 ton) on motorway operation)

Fitting Autokontrol road speed controls results in real savings, both in terms of fuel and CO2.

Consider the amazing results from this speed control trial in 2014/15. A major UK utility company completed extensive tests on a Autokontrol ‘Drive by Wire’ system.  The speed was set at 70mph. The vehicle used was a Peugeot Partner, travelling on average 1200 miles per month. This particular vehicle was chosen because of the wide variety of journeys it undertook, from in-town work to highway travel. The 3-month average fuel performance increased from 28.41 MPG in winter 2014 to 40.58 MPG in spring 2015. The result clearly showed a substantial fuel saving of over 25%, and that the cost of the speed limiter would be repaid within 4 months.