Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I fit a speed control?
Notwithstanding legislation, there are positive safety, financial and environmental benefits to fitting Autokontrol’s range of speed controls.

You could maximise your return on your investment with:

  • “Duty of Care” legislation
  • For substantial Fuel savings
  • The cost of the speed limiter would be repaid in a matter of months
  • Reduction of Co2 emissions associated with improved fuel consumption
  • Lower brake, tyre maintenance, costs
  • Reduction in vehicle downtime for unscheduled repair/maintenance
  • Increased service life for vehicle mechanical components
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced number of high speed accidents
  • Less chance of expensively trained staff being lost through speed bans

Can you afford not to fit them?

Numerous companies are actively installing speed controls (link to company/manufacturer list) from a safety / fuel saving perspective.

How can I find out if I need to fit speed controls by law?
UK speed limiter legislation introduced on January 1 2007 applied to goods vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (gvw) (limit 90kph/56mph) and passenger carrying vehicles with more than eight seats (limit 100kph/62mph). This legislation was extended to apply to light goods vehicles of 3.5 tonnes gvw from January 1 2008. In the UK, you can get updates on current legislation by visiting the VOSA website.

If you are not in the UK, or you are still unsure whether you need to fit speed controls, contact us and we can advise you.

Link to table where national legislation exists.

Can my drivers disable the system?
No. Autokontrol systems have an easy tamper-proof testing facility. For the DbW engine management system it would be very difficult. In the case of the mechanical systems, it is theoretically possible. Autokontrol’s Top Speed Limiter Security Monitor system has been designed to counteract the growing problem of Top Speed Limiter interference and tampering. It is simple, quick to detect and extremely cost effective.

The most common interference problems are:

  • Disconnection of the power supply
  • Disconnection of the gearbox sensor
  • Removal of the tacho signal
  • Tampering with mechanical components of the speed control
  • Driving in excess of the maximum set speed of the vehicle

The TSL Security Monitor has a simple LED system that lights up if tampering occurs.

Will my insurance premiums be reduced if I fit the system?
Check with your insurer. In some countries it is.
Will the installation of an Autokontrol system invalidate the vehicle warranty?
Unlike some methods of reducing speed i.e. mapping, altering the settings in the Engine Management System etc the Autokontrol speed limiters will not invalidate the vehicle warranty. Virtually all makes of vehicle have been installed with Autokontrol systems throughout the world as required by the countries legislation.
Is this system approved in my country?
Autokontrol speed control systems are approved in over 40 countries.

If your country is not on the list, or you are still unsure whether you need to fit speed controls, contact us and we can advise you.

Why fit a speed control – if the speed can be set in the vehicle’s engine management control?

Some vehicles cannot be set in the management control system, and those that can are restricted on the number of speed settings and are often encrypted. Leasing companies, in particular, are reluctant to agree factory speed settings. If they are unable to remove the speed control at the end of the contract, this can often affect the vehicle resale value.