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TERMS AND CONDITIONS RELATING TO AUTOKONTROL’S WEBSITE RISK AND LIABILITY You use the site entirely at your own risk. Autokontrol cannot guarantee that the site is free from bugs, errors, viruses or errors that may affect your computer.

Autokontrol cannot guarantee that all of the information is current on the date that you view it. Apart from death or personal injury arising out of its negligence, Autokontrol is not responsible to you for any loss that you might suffer as a result of using this site.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Autokontrol owns all the Intellectual Property Rights relating to the site. You may not copy anything on the site without Autokontrol’s permission. You are granted the right only to view the site and print material from it. You can only do this for your personal use and / or for you to make informed decisions about Autokontrol’s products. You must not copy, publish or modify anything on the site or re-sell any of the information that you have viewed or printed from it.

PRODUCTS & PRICES Autokontrol is striving constantly to improve its products. Accordingly all information on this site is subject to change. The specifications, products, or any items on this site may not be current at the time that you view it. Please contact Autokontrol, or if you are a fleet customer please contact our area representative for the most up to date information.

GOVERNING LAW You agree that English law governs your use of the site and your relationship with Autokontrol.

AUTOMATIC COLLECTION OF INFORMATION AND YOUR PRIVACY Information may be collected about you automatically as you use the site (for example the type of internet browser that you use, the site from which you came or the pages that you have visited). Unless you have given Autokontrol your personal details, you cannot be identified from this information but it helps Autokontrol to improve the site and your experience (for example by seeing which pages are popular and which are not). If you have given Autokontrol your personal details then Autokontrol might use this information to send you tailored communications. When you visit the site, information may be stored on your computer automatically using the function commonly called a “cookie”. A “cookie” means that you do not need to re-key information each time you come on the site. Your computer may allow you to block “cookies” should you wish to do so. Technological advances mean that safety measures are in place and will continue to be improved to safeguard you and your privacy.

THIRD PARTY CONTENT Autokontrol is not responsible for and does not review the context of external sites.

FEEDBACK Autokontrol will accept feedback relating to this website, contact: with any details.